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HD Metal Print

The HD Metal Print is an especially durable premium product. Due to its low weight, the HD Metal Print is also ideal for large formats. It is weather- and water- resistant, making it suited for outdoor display. Using a state-of-the-art printing technique, the pigments are permanently bonded to coating of the aluminum. An HD Metal Print puts a shine on your photos.

Fade Resistant

We only use Chromaluxe® brand aluminum sheets for the highest quality possible. Recent tests show Chromaluxe® brand has more than 3x better permanence than Kodak Silver Halide Prints, resisting fading for 65+ years!


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Premium Print Using State-Of-The-Art Techniques

For the HD Metal Print we first print your photo on transfer paper using Fine Art Inkjet pigments. Using heat and pressure, the transfer is then vaporized into a special coating on the aluminum. The result: the materials form a permanent bond, making the print extremely robust.

Capture your best memories

Capture your best memories with Bayoli Desig forever in paintings that will last for many years with the same quality of colors from the first day. Bayoli Design always pleasing and decorating the walls of your home. Here we do everything with a lot of love and dedication


Not all metal prints are HD. We only use top of the line ChromaLuxe aluminum panels. Don't be deceived by other labs that use different processes or inferior metal, ChromaLuxe is the industry standard for high-end prints used by artists and photographers.


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